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For Android Developers Stetho Android application debugger

Facebook has released its own, purpose-built, Android application debugger program for mobiles . It’s called Stetho, and this open source software development was originally meant to help the Facebook team fix issues discovered inside its own suite of Android mobile apps.

Stetho integrates with Google’s Chrome Developer Tools, and Facebook says it lets any android developer to gain convenient access to richer, more helpful data. With it, mobile app development professionals can unlock much richer and more convenient access to data. And the best part use Chrome Developer Tools to serve the UI!

Stetho is a sophisticated debug bridge for Android applications. When enabled, Android developers have access to the Chrome Developer Tools feature natively part of the Chrome desktop browser. App developer can also choose to enable the optional dump app tool which offers a powerful command-line interface to mobile application internals.

Once the app developer completes the set-up instructions below, he can just start phone apps and point your laptop browser to chrome://inspect. Click the “Inspect” button to begin.

Get the latest jar filer from Github


Putting it together

Integrating with Stetho is intended to be seamless and straightforward for most existing Android applications. There is a simple initialization step which occurs in your Application class:

public class MyApplication extendsApplication {publicvoidonCreate() {  super.onCreate();  Stetho.initialize(      Stetho.newInitializerBuilder(this)           .enableDumpapp(Stetho.defaultDumperPluginsProvider(this))          .enableWebKitInspector(Stetho.defaultInspectorModulesProvider(this))   .build()); }}

This brings up most of the default configuration but does not enable some additional hooks (most notably, network inspection).

You can visit the post there for more in-depth discussion about Stetho’s functions, including an apparently time-and-effort saving dump app feature in Android app development. Stetho’s release marks Facebook’s first open source Android app development project in 2015, and the company intends to continue updating its innovative software development project over the coming months.

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