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Get South Africa Elections app, no anxiety about the smooth functioning of democracy in South Africa, whereas the entire continent is facing turmoil. This South Africa Elections app aims at providing you that information on the recent elections and results.


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The app is in Android #Google Playstore.
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This may well be the worst of the times for democratic nations all over the world because every democratic nation is facing toughest of challenges-fighting terrorism, modifying to globalization-and voters expectations of a better working system. On this background of challenges this app will give you a broader picture about South Africa’s Elections. More so particularly in the African continent, and its ability to help other African nations. This is the first election in which Nelson Mandela did not actively participate even in campaigning, due to failing health, for ANC, so South Africa’s second-generation leaders are being tested in this election.

The provinces that went to National Assembly polls in this elections are:
Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa Zulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northwest, Northern Cape, Western Cape.

#African National Congress, African Independent Congress, African Christian Democratic Party, African Peoples’ Convention, Agang South Africa, Congress of the People, Democratic Alliance, Economic Freedom Fighters, Freedom Front Plus, Inkatha Freedom Party, National Freedom Party, Pan Africanist Congress, United Democratic Movement are the important political parties fighting it out in South Africa.

Voters once again reposed faith in ANC. ANC under the presidency of Jacob Zuma had got 63.15% and won 8 provinces

This election in South Africa assumed greater importance because the Country is celebrating its 20th year of winning freedom from the former regime that practiced apartheid. Mr. Mandela’s ANC has ruled the country so far, but ANC faced a tough challenge from the main opposition alliance Democratic Alliance for the first time is giving a stiff challenge to the ANC. ANC is led by its incumbent President Joseph Zuma.

Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China view South Africa as an important member of BRICS. South Africa has to play a pivotal role in defining the role of the BRICS viz a viz other global powers. South Africa has to play an important role in African continent as it is the only country with stability, which is absent in other parts of Africa. South Africa has to play a proactive role in bringing peace to the continent. In this season of democracy, here are the results of South Africa’s 2014 elections results for the National Assembly. Based on proportional representation type of election all 400 results including votes polled, percentages, and detail of member of the Assembly elected in this system.

Key features:
# ANC 63.15% Votes 11 436 921, seats 249; ANC controls 8 provinces.
# DA control W. Cape, 59.38% prov. votes.
# Only 13 parties got sufficient votes for representation in National Assembly.
# Includes 4 new parties EFF,NFP,AIC,AGANG SA.
#A party to obtain 1 seat, needs 0.25% or approx 37000-50000 votes depending on turnout.

Updates: Updated with the Ministers List in President Joseph Zuma’s cabinet as on May 27, 2014
# No advertisements. Google Map with places auto complete search included with News feed updated daily.

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