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Well, progressive web apps are a hot item now and benefits that your business or website can reap from them are considerable. The core advantages and differences of PWA vs native apps will be enumerated and its impact on ecommerce apps like Flipkart. Progressive web apps are web applications accessed like normal websites but offer features like offline usability, push notifications, and access to device hardware. Of course  Google Progressive Web Apps are not new.

Flipkart started Flipkartlite. Amazon implemented PWA for their store. Then, Alibaba followed suit. And it was Google who defined PWA,

Why progressive web apps?

If you don’t already have an mobile app or are on a tight budget, there are several reasons to prioritize developing a PWA instead of an app like savings in development time, and deploy without the app stores. Simply, PWAs are the best choice right now for eCommerce. The benefits and results are immeasurable. It uses service workers, website-specific cache storage and NoSQL Index DB embedded right into the browser! -an amalgamation of multiple new tools and technologies on both coding, browser and device OS levels. 

Following are 3 benefits of PWAs:

  1. Loading speed of your websites running as progressive web apps;
  2. The possibility of offline browsing;
  3. Elevating user experience to the level of native apps.
  4. Push notifications: The VAPID (Voluntary Application Server Identification) is the newest way to receive and send push notifications through the web. Or the notifications can be sent through the FCM/GCM keys (Firebase Cloud Messaging / Google Cloud Messaging).

As per Google PageInsight PWAs now give good load speeds, plus offline browsing, push notifications, and without the need to download an app, PWAs are unmatched in the market today.

Best thing to happen is Google’s adoption of PWA. Google is pushing PWA hard with training days and what not. Google may be even prioritizes search engine positions to PWA sites, so your SEO and organic search traffic would improve. By not switching to PWA you are at risk of losing your position in Google to competitors – who wants that!

Here’s a complete checklist of how WPA handles the most common issues. And here is a PWA progressive web app

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Who is using PWAs now?

  1. Alibaba one of the largest online firms in the world, uses PWA with Vue delivering a great mobile experience .
  2. AliExpress is a large scale e-commerce business for everything from clothing, accessories, electronics to home appliances a part of the Alibaba Group. Use Vue.
  3. Financial Times @FT
  4. Flipkart
  5. Olx
  6. Virgin America Forbes
  7. Book My Show
  8. Washington Post
  9. Fandango
  10. Flipboard
  11. The Weather Channel
  12. Google Maps Go
  13. Instagram Lite
  14. Uber
  15. And many many others

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