Project Management for Mobile App Development skills

Project Management for Mobile App Development

Traditionally project management for mobile app development skills include target setting, problem solving, leadership, team building, triage, identifying needs or pending tasks, organizing resources, monitoring performance completion of tasks, future requirement planning and dealing with problems that arise.However, what we call mobile thinking needs mobile app development which is another kettle of fish. Nobody seems to know the ropes, as we race along the constantly changing marketplace (MRAID, BlueKai, UA). Often new device features are incorporated quarterly with off-the-cuff action.

We app developers are supposed to design, develop, test and release before you say “Jack.” At the same time we need to develop apps after thoroughly relentlessly testing them time and again, while fine-tuning the characteristics.

In traditional thinking, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing were the norm.

In mobile thinking a rather more complicated work environment dictates momentum and development. The product is vibrant and live, so we do not get to complete a task in one go. Our planning must also change all the time using the SDK tool.

This is an ever-changing world, where we app developers suffer lack of specifications of software requirement (SRS). We rely on experience to improve quality before completing our products. UDID had to be used for our apps. Beta cycles help in testing with others for app stores. We wonder if we can actually replicate testing.

We should use our intuition with new fangled thinking, use technology with enthusiasm, diligently and humbly.

In mobile development we face uncertainty as a part of problem solving, to defeat those demons.

If you are having an Internet marketing plan, social media marketing initiatives, sales strategies,mobile advertising strategy using mobile apps in your online marketing campaigns is a must.


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