Mobile website for mobile apps and 9 more ways to promote

This is to help remind ourselves and also our small business customers who are constrained for time. There is no sense making a mobile app without a corresponding mobile website and if nobody knows about it. Hence this mobile apps and 9 more ways  to promote the mobile websiteandroid app development company mobile apps and mobile website

Here are some easy ways to promote the mobile website and start to build traffic:

  1. Put the address on business cards and vCards, like with ‘desktop’ Web site as a QR code.
  2. Include it on all promotions From free handouts to directory listings, e-mail shots, door drops and local ads but make sure they know about that!
  3. Run a mobile-only promotion. Make a special offer to people who use your mobile app. QR codes can also be tracked easily
  4. Run a contest.Your customers can get a code from mobile app corresponding site and use it to enter a prize draw or answer a few questions on the site.
  5. Put it on your .com web site. Show your Web visitors you have got a mobile app and site too.Generate QR codes, our Android /IOS Coldfusion© QR Code web app coming soon
  6. Put it in all emails. Make the QR code as part of your e-mail signature.
  7. Put the QR code/ address on give-aways Like free branded pens, coffee mugs or USB keys.
  8. SMS your best customers.You can send them a direct link to your site in the body of the text message but just make sure they would be happy to receive it (nobody likes spam).yoga asanas app

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