Why Mobile Matters: How Ignoring Mobile Apps Will Hurt Your Business

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Why Mobile Matters: How Ignoring Mobile Apps Will Hurt Your Business

It’s no secret that mobile continues to make headway as a vital marketing and engagement platform. More and more people are using mobile apps for search and entertainment, and they are increasingly expecting brands to offer engaging mobile experiences.

If you are not reaching your target audience through mobile marketing, search and apps, you’re not providing them with the customer experience they want, and you risk losing them to competitors that offer a strong mobile experience.

These recent statistics from Smart Insights clearly show how important having a mobile presence is to your business:

  • There are now more mobile than desktop internet users in the world – with people starting to use mobile everyday
  • People spend 51% of their digital media time using mobile, compared to 42% on desktop
  • Since 2008, the amount of time spent daily on mobile has grown from 0.3 hours to 2.8 hours
  • 80% of consumers now use a smartphone and 47% use a tablet

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

Of the users who use mobile, there is a clear preference for the use of mobile apps over mobile websites. Data from Nielsen shows that consumers spend 89% of their time using mobile apps compared to 11% on mobile websites. During the average month, men spend just under 30 hours (29 hours, 32 minutes) and women spend just over 30 hours (30 hours, 58 minutes) using mobile.

What Are the Costs of Not Investing in Mobile Now?

There are potentially HUGE costs of not investing in mobile apps as part of your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are in the entertainment business, retail, real estate, or business, there is an opportunity to engage users and build your brand through mobile.

Failure to do so could result in:

  • Lost customers: Consumers are increasingly expecting you to offer a strong mobile experience, especially through mobile apps. If you don’t offer one, they may migrate to a competitor that does.
  • Appearing late the party: Lagging behind others in your industry can have a negative impact on how people view your company. Introducing a mobile app when everyone already has one will make less of an impact on your customer base.
  • Joining an already saturated market: You could have difficulty getting your app off the ground and getting people to download it if the marketing is already saturated with similar options.
  • A lost opportunity to make your mark: If you want to stand out, you need to be an early adopter to make your mark. Being the first to do something and offer a new customer experience will give you the chance to be an industry leader and innovator.
  • Missed advertising opportunities: Mobile advertising remains a relatively untapped and underutilized advertising platform. Developing a mobile app and getting out in front of the mobile advertising trend is a huge opportunity for you to get an edge over competitors.

Developing an app for your business is not just a cool thing to have – it’s a new way to reach and engage your customers and make your mark on your industry.

Contact us today to start planning and developing an app for your business.

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