Mobile app development is still IT’s game

From  James Bourne

This time 451 Research, in a study sponsored by Kony, argues that while more than half of companies plan to deploy 20 or more apps in the coming two years, IT departments are already becoming stretched due to budget limitations, skills gaps and legacy infrastructure. In the main, IT does the majority (58%) of mobile app development. However, the researchers argue this will change in the coming years; by 2017, two thirds of apps will be developed externally, from business application vendors (21%), system integrators (16%), digital agency partners (14%) and developer partners (14%). The report also details the sense of uncertainty over who is leading mobile app projects. 55% of developers polled said they should lead mobile app projects, compared with 61% of IT management respondents.So Android developer and the iOS developer has a lot to do in the future!

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