10 Free Themes for Magento

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, with more than 250,000 merchants and 150,000 developers, providing a vast assortment themes and extensions. The Community and Enterprise editions of the platform use Magento 2, which was launched in 2015 to improve the front-end experience for shoppers and backend experience for sellers.

Here is a list of free themes for Magento 2, with its faster performance and improved user features. All of these themes are free, though most oer premium plans for support.

Free Magento Themes F2

F2F2 is a free Magento 2 fashion store theme from TemplateMonster. It features a responsive design, unique catalog and product pages, custom page design, carousel product listing, congurable swatches, and more. F2 has a simple, structured menu and F2. layout, oering clean design with functionality. F2 isn’t overloaded with visual eects, ensuring quick load times.

Ves Yume

Ves Yume is one of the rst free Magento 2 themes. Created with a responsive, modern, and colorful design, Ves Yume features an image gallery in product details, o-canvas menu and header link, Font Awesome, Bootstrap 3.x layout components, and a variety of checkout improvements to ensure your customers have a productive shopping experience.


A popular free theme for the Magento platform, Absolute has been updated for Magento 2. It has a variety of improvements, including a home page image slider, easy installation via module manager, backend user-friendly theme editor with a wide range of background, font, and navigation customizations.

Ketty Beta

Ketty Beta is another free Magento 2 theme from TemplateMonster. Ideal for an online fashion apparel store, Ketty Beta features a responsive grid-based layout design, retinaready visuals, congurable swatches, and an Ajax cart for smooth shopping.


Necessary is a free Magento 2 theme from EMThemes. Necessary is a fully customizable theme suitable for any type of online store. Necessary features a responsive design, theme framework for easy layout changes, blog extension, custom product labels extension, product quick-view feature, Ajax add-to-cart feature, and more.


FreeGo is a Magento 2 theme from Solwin Infotech. FreeGo comes with a touch optimized slideshow, featured products list, sold out label extension, child theme for advanced customization, o-canvas menu, advanced blog extension, product zoom extension, responsive banner slider, advanced testimonial, and advanced newsletter popup.

Ves Fasony

Ves Fasony is a free Magento 2 theme from VenusTheme. With the brand owl carousel, visitors can nd products by brand — admins can easily display brand logo slider on the home page. Ves Fasony also features a touch-optimized slideshow, new products list, smart testimonials, fast checkout, user-friendly admin panel, and more.

Ves Need

Ves Need is another free Magento 2 theme from VenusTheme. Responsive and retinaready, Ves Need has plenty of features for the perfect online shop, including fast checkout process, o-canvas menu, fast load times, touch-optimized slider, and more. Ves Fasony. Ves Need. New arrivals are shown on home page to attract more customers at the rst sight. Multiple level drop-down menu helps to show o rich content with ease.

Ves Vigoss

Ves Vigoss is a free Magento 2 theme from VenusTheme. Designed as a fashion store, this theme can easily be adapted for many dierent types of ecommerce shops. This theme is responsive and has a clean, modern, and minimalist design, with features such as Ajax cart and quick-view, gallery image in product page, brand logo slider, Font Awesome, and a variety of checkout improvements,

Ves Kasitoo

Ves Kasitoo is also from VenusTheme. Ves Kasitoo is designed as a furniture store, for a product-rst shop. Showcase multiple types of products by rules such as latest, most views, and bestseller. Prominently display deal products on a touch-optimized carousel.


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