Dental clinic marketing -effective ways with mobile apps

Many medical and dental clinic marketing firms are created to serve the needs of doctors and health-care professionals nationwide for Internet dental marketing and dental website development. They focus on designing and implementing marketing programs tailored to the specific needs of each professional dental clinic through the use of targeted marketing.The goal is to impress and educate your new potential patient so they can make an informed decision and call your office for an appointment. Following is the most time tested methods to market a dental clinic and dental office website:

Web site, dental app and dental clinic marketing

A web site and a mobile app are a fundamental ingredient that provides information and transparency to a dental clinic practice. The Internet had assumed a permanent position in our lives. As of now it is safely assumed that it will only continue to grow and shape the way we live. Recently patients started to turn to the Internet and mobile apps to find their dental clinic professional. So, web site and mobile apps should create an image that is consistent with who you are and what your practice represents. There should be a list of all of the services you perform and information about these services, so that the patients, who visit your website can learn about your practice with a tap in an app or simple click of the mouse. It should also include personal bio, office hours, procedures performed, insurance plans accepted, payment policies, and even the ability to make appointments online should all be easily accessible to everyone that uses your site. Flexible hours of operation are highly recommended.

dental clinic marketing app
Fixing dental appointments with an app and website

Marketing dental practice & dental office website design

Positioning app and website in the hierarchy of the top five slots of a search engine, such as Google and Bing, is crucial to attracting new patients. Hire a firm that specializes in search engine optimization (“SEO”) to get your practice to naturally appear on specific searches. For example, if a dentist from Florida wants to have the first web site listing to appear when a potential patient searches “dentist in Florida and not dentist in United States,”. A user friendly and interactive website and slick dental mobile app for Android and iOS will enable a patient to communicate their requests to your office, creating interaction via the Web and mobile app. Creating a dental clinic marketing website and a dentists’ mobile app and making sure it is relevant and accessible is probably the most important marketing tool at a dental clinic or doctor’s disposal.

Leverage Google to drive local patients to your dental clinic  marketing website and mobile app.

A lot of prospective patients are searching Google daily to find dental practitioners like. Make sure that when people search “dentist in [your location]”, they are seeing your website listed on the first page of the search engine results.This also applies to dental app in Google’s Playstore and Apple’s app store.

What is a tag?

Used in websites and blogs tags are keywords used to classify content.  In the past this task would have been accomplished by placing the content in the appropriate folder within a predetermined hierarchy. Search engines love tags.  Most major search engines prioritize tags!

E-mail marketing and dental app push notifications

Collecting e-mail addresses of patients is a great tool for a successful marketing campaign. It is not only an effective and cost-cutting method of staying in touch with your existing patients, but it can also be used to send reminders, promotional offers, and birthday wishes to them. E-mail marketing saves postage, printing costs, and enables communication instantly. In the age of the “smartphone” , your e-mail campaigns are surely a cost effective and direct way to market to patients. Push notifications to your customers with your mobile dental app will be a game changer in your marketing.

Marketing to your existing patient base with mobile app

Marketing to your existing patient base is another excellent method for generating additional revenue. Creating special offers using dental app push notifications during the holiday season or one-time discounts will draw patients to selective procedures and, ultimately, generate more income for you, the doctor.

Ideally, you should promote those push notifications and offers that can be given to existing patients to enhance their appearance, overall health, and well-being. Push notification reminders with geo fencing assistance sent to existing patients for an annual checkup aid in bringing the patient back to the office.

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