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Four alternative ways to succeed without relying on the App store or Google Play

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“Disney Tsum Tsum is a mobile game which has made over $300m in under a year since its launch in July 2014. But chances are you probably haven’t heard of it before and there’s a good reason for that.
This game made all its revenues on LINE, the Japanese messaging platform. Rather than rely on the traditional heartlands of the App Store and Google Play, this title has done so well that its success is reportedly helping LINE to consider another bid for an IPO.

Therefore, there is clearly an opportunity in the app market for game developers to succeed outside of the largest app stores.

So what are the major routes for developer success outside of those two stores? And how can you take advantage of them?

Here are four alternative routes to market that could help your mobile game succeed.

Messaging App Platforms

To start with, it makes sense to have a quick examination of the opportunity for game developers on messaging app platforms.

The likes of Japan’s LINE, Korea’s Kakao Talk and China’s WeChat each include the option to play mobile games with friends within the app.

There are three big reasons to use these platforms. The first is user base location. If you’re looking to enter any of the major Asian markets, each platform offers a handy route to the main form of messaging communication in each country.

This is demonstrated by the second reason to use these platforms: the number of monthly active users. According to earning reports from the end of 2014…”

If you are having an Internet marketing plan, social media marketing initiatives, sales strategies,mobile advertising strategy using mobile game in your online marketing campaigns is a must.

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