The best 40 Free/Paid Appointment scheduling Applications

Appointment scheduling applications are useful to manage group meetings as well as client and colleague gatherings with the use of online calendars and web forms. Webprogr ranks all appointment scheduling apps based on worldwide popularity.
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Patient appointment apps as well as other  appointment apps

#1 to #40 in the order of popularity is as under:

1. Front Desk
App Appeal rating 4/5
Price range (per month): $75.00 – $180.00
App for client management with scheduling, attendance and customer communication etc.
2. Booker
App rating 4/5
Price range (per month): $45.00 – $135.00
Useful app for business management for those business for which pre-booking is important.
3. TrekkSoft
Rating 4/5
Price range $29.00 – $199.00 per month.
Many things in one go online booking system, website builder, payment gateway & more.
4. Mindbody
Price range (p/month): $30.00 – $145.00
Business management platform for health and wellness.

5. SetMore
Online platform for calendar management and appointment scheduling.
6. Acuity Scheduling
Acuity Scheduling makes appointment booking easier for companies and their customers. Users can accept bookings 24 hours.
7. BookingBug
It is an online booking, inquiry and appointment system for businesses.
8. BookedIN
BookedIN assists small businesses to maintain their appointments and help users to quickly and easily book their own.
9. 9.Agendize
Scheduling app with built-in customer communications tools.
10. Zen Planner
The best app for business management of fitness companies
11. Setster
Setster provides service providers and teams of professionals the ability to accept appointments using a widget.
12. Doodle
Doodle makes it easier to find the right date and time for a group of people to meet and makes scheduling virtually extremely easy.
13. TimeCenter offers an appointment setting service.
14. GoAssign assists users to manage group and team schedules.
15. gives users a variety of meeting and scheduling related tools.
16. Agreedo
Agreedo allows people organize, follow up and manage meeting action items.
17. myVolo
All-In-One Fitness Management Software.
18. Meetifyr
App helps friends to find a time when they’re all free to meet up.
19. Bookappo
Bookappo can be used to schedule appointments and block time periods that are unavailable.
20. Reshq
Reshq, an appointment manager application that helps users keep track of their meetings, their people etc.
21. TuOtempo
Boon to health care professionals, a simple way to manage patients online. Users can synchronize agendas etc.
22. Schedulista
App to schedule for software professionals and small businesses.
23. Ubooq
Ubooq app gives business owners a way to accept appointments after hours. Users can set up an account and accept booking,
24. YourAM
YourAM can be used for busy individuals or large organizations that need to automatically track, organize and manage.
25. ScheduleOnce
ScheduleOnce, it is a meeting scheduling solutions for organizations using Google Apps.
26. ScheduleThing
ScheduleThing makes it easy to take your scheduling and reservations to the web.
27. SnapAppointments is a platform to make an appointment online.

28. YaRooms is actually a meeting room planner and resource management service.

29. Genbook helps all businesses with their scheduling needs.

30. Coconut Calendar
Coconut Calendar is for small businesses. It is a convenient way to manage client appointments. Users can accept appo.
31. WhichDateWorks
WhichDateWorks allows users to set convenient date for an upcoming date with the collaboration with all expected participants.

32. Congregar
With Congregar one can pick the best date and time for any event by asking people to indicate their availability.
33. Shorthand Manager
Shorthand Manager is a cloud-based scheduling tool with several options based on the chosen plan.
34. Book’d
Book’d helps businesses and organizations of all sizes promote and book their services.
35. Bookeo
It is an online appointment scheduling solution for your business.
36. NeedtoMeet
NeedtoMeet helps users to find a time to meet.
37. DocMeIn
DocMeIn is an useful appointment scheduling service for private medical practices.
38. is a online appointment scheduling service for service providers.
39. SalonMonster, as name suggests is an appointment scheduling solution intended for salons and spas.
40. Patient appointment app
With patient appointment app clinics can schedule customer appointments.


Patient-centric app for health care patient's journey  is founded on ability to provide best possible
Doctor appointment app aims to help clinics, hospital and individual doctors/physicians, who have their own
Content for a doctor’s clinic app can have in addition to the patient appointment app
Allow your patients to book appointment online and in your app by adding booking facility
As of now smart phones had become an extension of our hand. So, more than


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