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Announced today launch of a new program.

Vide our release today announcing a new initiative looking to jump start enterprise apps programs through unique app creation promotion for medium and small enterprises, corporate and organizations, who are interested in launching internal, external or consumer facing mobile apps.

Mobile apps can help organizations, in expanding business capabilities, increase relevance with customers and have greater appeal to attract new customers, manage change to be more successful at business innovation, while mitigating risk and cost, increase personnel productivity, effectiveness and value, to enable organizations to be more agile/responsive to new opportunities, provide a mobile platform that enables executives to create apps, which gets IT out of the content creation process, so they can focus on system management, security, planning, and to improve business outcomes, including generating more revenue, greater customer stickiness, progress on strategic initiatives, quicker ROI generation, achieving a competitive advantage, etc.

Through this promotional program corporate can access and build their first app for minimal cost, allowing them to test basic platform and data features and see how fast and easy these apps can be configured with their back end systems with little involvement from IT to facilitate extending business capabilities in mobile and increase awareness of the significant benefits with apps.  The App Promotion Program provides an opportunity at no cost or obligation to see first-hand how quickly and easily it is to create or prototype new mobile services on smart phones or tablets.

If you are having an Internet marketing plan, social media marketing initiatives, sales strategies,mobile advertising strategy using mobile apps in your online marketing campaigns is a must.

To learn more or to speak with a representative please call us at +91 44 24850191 or email at mktg@webprogr.com

To inquire about signing up for the promotion, please contact sales@webprogr.com

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