Allow your clients book appointment in your app

Allow your patients to book appointment online and in your app by adding booking facility to your website with clinic appointments. Online booking provides opportunity to seamlessly integrate with your existing clinic appointments diary management system. This is a secure, easy to use service, with which your patients can make their own bookings at their convenience without having to call.

The service can also be used to take payment for bookings up front if you wish, or to pre-authorize a charge on your client’s credit or debit card or Pay Pal so you can quickly and easily bill them after treatment. Further doctor’s can also bill no-show charge to your client (in accordance with your terms and conditions) if they do not attend their appointment. This often enables 100% compliance or at the least minimizing the financial cost of missed bookings for your clinic.

Important features of book appointment app:
Register and use facility be made available to anyone including new patients, or just allow existing clients only to register and use it.
Choose days and time slots are shown as available for online booking.
Decide which venues, therapies and practitioners will accept bookings online.
Combine any of the above to create the best system for you – and quickly and simply modify these settings in your online account control panel should you ever need to.
The online booking system operates alongside your clinic appointments telephone answering service and diary booking system. It is not a stand-alone option service. A step-by-step on-screen guide helps you through the initial creation of the service in tandem with the details already held within your diary system. We are always happy to offer any additional assistance you may need to get started.

Clinic appointments makes it easy for you to run your practice, no matter how your clients choose to book their treatments.

Exclusive features of our Doctor appointment app.
1. Doctor appointment or Patient appointment App is available for Android and soon iphones
2. Branding will be incorporated throughout the app, truly be individual to your Clinic.
3. With Push Notifications Option you will able to reach your Patient in real-time.
4. Make Real-Time changes live dashboard.
5. Exclusive and Unique app for your Practice. Easy to pursue prospective customers when they leave your app to place appointments to your competition.
6. Google Analytics that generates detailed statistics about your app’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.
7. It will make a few steps of ahead in the competition and generate new patients.Less data entry more efficiency,
Patient data flow is automatic, which reduces the burden of administrative tasks with customizable scheduling and electronic patient intake forms. Easy scheduling saves time and streamlines your practice management. As schedule is right from your EHR, no separate scheduling software is required.

Report more accurate information by eliminating manual entry of patient information with online check-in. Create 100% customizable intake forms and have patient information filled seamlessly into your chart notes before the appointment.

Check and manage your schedule from anywhere. Easily view multiple facilities, doctor offices and provider schedules side-by-side to find appointment availability quickly. Replicate your current workflows with customizable event types, blocked time and multiple facility management.
More convenience, less phone tag
Maintain an accurate and up-to-date schedule with cloud-based appointment management. Staff can manage appointments in seconds, and with free patient appointment reminders you’ll have fewer missed appointments and increased practice efficiency.
Patient appointment reminders
Patients are alerted before their appointments to reduce no-shows, increase take-home revenue and help you maintain a full schedule.
Recurring appointment management
Easily manage patients with chronic conditions and reduce double-entry.
Online appointment booking
Let patients book online and manage reschedule and cancellation requests electronically to cut down on time spent on the phone.

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