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Windmill renewable energy data on power production from various windmill farms in real time display in a app. Renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, are a viable alternative to traditional sources. For example, Danish wind turbines set a new world record for generating energy in 2015, soon Indian :)

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    TCP/IP socket transport
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    Monitor status of Real-time production data from your own windmill!
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    Web socket Push messages are one-way notifications sent to you via your smartphone.
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Wind power now is cool. As sensor technology advances, it becomes possible to monitor wind turbines on wind farms, ensuring maximization of air flow and mechanical power. IOT Sensors are found on individual wind turbines within wind farms. Soon with Artificial Intelligence usage to predict energy production.

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How it works?

Windmill monitoring TCP/IOP programming help monitor the functions of a windmill.With this app installed, users can keep track of the functional parameters, production status of their windmills from the convenience of their Android/iOS devices.

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