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Don't you want to run your own FM web radio? The FM Now App brings you the best of melodious Indian Live Broadcast FM Radio stations (91.1 Radio City, 93.5 Red Fm, 104 Fever Fm, 98.3 Radio Mirchi, 95.0 Hit FM, 104.8 Oye FM, AIR(All India Radio) etc) under one roof. It gives you different music from different genres like Romantic, Rock, Hip Hop, Dubstep etc.

  • Details
    FM Now Radio app gets you live radios from streaming radio stations
  • Streaming
    Can customize for your Internet FM station
  • Great app for Mobile
    Needs just one hand to handle!
  • Internet Radio
    FM Now entertains you wherever you are
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Streaming FM

FM can be customized to your streaming radio network.

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How it works?

FM Now requires a good Internet connection so make sure you are connected to internet before using this app. We would provide a web dashboard to change FM station sources and images as you like. Also metadata extraction can be done.

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