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Justin Bieber solved Rubix cube in 2 minutes!

The story of the world’s bestselling classic plastic three-dimensional puzzle starts in 1974. One of the reasons the cube is so difficult to solve (for most of us) is that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 (or 43 quintillion) ways to scramble it. If you were to make one turning move on the cube per second, it would take 1.4 trillion years to go through every permutation - considerably longer than the time the universe has been in existence! But very best ‘speed cubers’ can solve the problem in plastic or this app in under six seconds, while any legal permutation can be resolved in 20 moves or fewer. The cubes have featured in Spice Girls videos and even in the TV show'Big Bang Theory'. To be able to pack all the versatility of the Rubix cube as a fun to Play Rubix Cube Cubo Puzzle App, the developers actively cooperated with experienced cube players. As a result, any user who gets to do the cube easily picks up speed in solving by practice.

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    Rubix cube puzzle app is simple. Everyone can complete the Rubik's Cube!

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    Let's complete your unsolvable cube! Like how Bieber did

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    For anyone who looks for challenges, if you think you are, then go ahead!!!
Rubix cube

Rubix cube puzzle - 2019 app special Features

  • Be the fastest rubi cube player on earth.
  • Current record at the world Rubix cube championship stands at around 6 seconds
  • Time yourself and slowly improve
  • Get this amazing Rubix cube mobile app puzzle now. Justin Bieber solved itin 83 seconds!The world speed record for solving the cube is 5.25 seconds.

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  • There are many approaches getting to know the easiest way to solve the Rubix Cube. All these methods have different levels of difficulties, for speedcubers or beginners, even for solving the cube blindfolded. Usually people can solve one face of the cube intuitively, after that they need some help. In the following article you can see the easiest way to solve the cube using the beginner’s method
  • Some solutions of interest Ruwix

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Cube puzzle sharpens your brains

It is the ultimate app to exercise your brain 'muscles'

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