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Vietnam iPhone and Android App Developer | Web Design

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The market size for mobile apps is big and it is just going to get bigger.

Today, losing your smart phone is almost as bad as losing your car keys. From tracking a diet to tracking the bus, there is literally an app for everything. The mobile application has transformed from simple games like the Vietnamese Flappy Bird to an industry all its own. Got a pothole, broken street light or downed tree in your neighborhood? Make an app for that. Looking for a web and mobile app development company in Hanoi? Look no further, we would serve your mobile app and web development needs with full satisfaction. No matter where you are as a iPhone and Android App Developer, we are here to help. We developed iPhone, iPad and Android apps for some of the most prominent brands in the world - and they're spread out over the globe.

Hanoi affiliate specializing in mobile app development will get in touch with you

Get the application developed iOS, Android or Phonegap

Engage your audience, increase sales, and make a lasting impression with a professional mobile app custom designed and built for your business and your customers. We plan, create and produce awesome apps on the latest technologies that help drive growth and optimize the visibility of businesses.

Update your mobile website or mobile application year long

Keep your app updated with the latest information, photos and text about your products and services

Please contact us and we will walk you through our agile development process, taking your concept through architecture, design, development, and launch. We'll also provide you a free estimate of how much it would cost to build your app.

Website Design and Web Application Company

Web Design may only be 25% of the total project budget, but it is the most important 25%. How a user interacts with your website relates to the 'look and feel' of a website. Smart website design depends on the functionality of the website and how a user interacts. Interactive design starts with a broad set of functional requirements and use cases before any graphical design is even started. Once the web design interactive design team has fully defined the functionality of the website, then they put the graphical components on it and design and code for a great user experience.

Business is changing fast, real fast and your Website designing and E-commerce web design platform needs to keep up. We develop to ensure all your online experiences look fine and function perfectly in every sized screen possible. We ensure your Website and E-commerce web design solution is suited to all devices whether a tablet, smartphone, iOS device or Android phone,for consumers worldwide.

Our web designers focus on a user-centric approach, and ensure that your online presence is engaging and importantly mobile tap friendly.

Efficient web designing ensures images with significant loading times to a minimum using png crush. This speeds up the mobile experience.It is useful for better SEO website design as per Google, fitting into your marketing plan or sales strategy.

All websites are built to adjust to any screen size. No zooming in and out to navigate a 90s!

Simple, smart web development solution and social meda marketing, easily tackled by smart software development engineers

Internet Marketing specialists need to update constantly and so instead of having to update a website for the destop screens, a tablet website and a smartphone website, you will only have to update one web property using responsive design and is a must for all website design and development now!

Still with Internet Marketing, when it comes to Custom Web Development Company in Los angeles or anywhere else, business owners will want a website that is properly optimized. Search engine optimization is not just an inclusion of certain keywords. By working with SEO experts, businesses that are looking to be seen in local searches can make sure that potential customers all near Greater Los Angeles or surrounding areas will see their websites prominently when they look for them in a search engine.

Software Development

Software engineering is a discipline that requires careful and systematic management through all phases of the project.

The flexibility provided by technologies such as PHP programming, Cold fusion,Microsoft .Net application development, C#, jquery js, AJAX, and HTML5 allows us to create interactive, responsive web applications that can be accessed from any personal computer or mobile device.Our capabilities include as follows:

* Custom MICROSOFT .NET , PHP programming or Cold fusion web application development

* Web application development


Most Android and iphone apps need a website to either put information to the database or get it out from that.REST APIs are best for that as they are, if from Node, 'evented' systems and very fast. Parse © now taken over by Facebook is an alternative for a ready made solution to connect apps