Progressive web app for merchants

Progressive web app development

Upgrade your website

Make your website a progressive web apps. Feels like an mobile app, works like a website. Faster & more functional

Get a progressive web app with latest features.
  • Installable in your phone

  • 4 times faster loading

  • Works offline

  • Web push notifications

  • Lightweight app (like Flipkart lite)

  • App style UX

  • Linkable & Discoverable

  • Easy Update, no app stores

Responsive progressive web app for mobile

Deploy to app stores. Google recommended SSR for SEO of PWA

You can upload your progressive web app to Apple app store or Google Play Store.

  • Hide URL
  • Lesser Size
  • Work Offline.
    Caching layer for
    0.020 seconds
    response time
  • Better Discoverability
  • PWA Push Notification
    mobile texting
  • "Add-To-Home-Screen"

Progressive Web App Checklists

Progressive mobile apps
Progressive web app
Gives an app like experience for the mobile website.

Responsive mobile apps
Design responsive per device whether desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Connectivity independent
Uses the browser service worker tech to work offline or on low-quality networks.

PWA builders
App like
Feels like a mobile app with app UX interactions.

Pwa website
Allows users to install the website as an app on their home screen without the taking user to an app store!

Add to desktop
Easily share via URL, works exactly like normal web link.

Mobile responsive
Engage customers
Engage users with push notifications even when they are not on the website.

web app
Identifiable as an "application" through manifest and service worker registration. So normal search engine discovery rules apply.

Modern web app
Served via HTTPS only


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